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Curriculum Resources

Ellipsis Education computer science curriculum is written by teachers, for teachers. That’s why our courses are delivered with instructional resources teachers need to feel confident teaching computer science. Explore each resource below.

Resources for Teaching Computer Science

You want to provide computer science curriculum that empowers teachers and drives student outcomes. You know computer science gives students the foundational skills they need to be college and career ready. But finding computer science resources to develop, pace, staff, and integrate computer science curriculum into the instructional day can be difficult.

At Ellipsis Education, we understand this complexity. In order to be effective, computer science curriculum must be comprehensive, flexible, and teacher-friendly.

Ellipsis Education courses are delivered with instructional resources teachers need to feel confident teaching computer science. Explore all of the resources and curriculum materials included in Ellipsis Education curriculum:

Each page shows examples of curriculum resources so that you can preview all that is included in each of our courses. We want teachers to have all of the computer science tools they need to feel confident in their instruction. Listen to the video below to hear why each of our classroom resources for teachers are included.

Other Computer Science Free Resources

To assist you in your computer science journey, Ellipsis Education provides free, downloadable content for you and your classroom. Explore our free resources to help you teach computer science:

  • Professional Development webinars cover various computer science topics, offering guidance for novice CS teachers while also allowing experienced CS teachers room for professional growth.

  • Free Computer Science Lessons are representative of Ellipsis Education courses. Use them to familiarize your students with different facets of computer science and preview full Ellipsis Education courses. Each lesson plan PDF includes links to the appropriate materials and resources, a detailed procedure, activity tips, and a bonus challenge activity.

  • My STEM Career podcast helps you and your students explore STEM careers and discover the ways computer science knowledge can help regardless of your path. In this show, we speak with industry experts that share information about their careers, describe their professional experiences, and offer advice to students.

  • Our Blog includes helpful articles about hot topics in computer science, STEM, and the education landscape in general.

  • Our Newsletter is a monthly email with information about computer science topics, product updates, and grant information – straight to your inbox.

Ready to check out all of our resources for teaching computer science?

We understand the importance of curriculum resources when looking to adopt computer science curriculum. Preview all of the computer science resources for teachers available in Ellipsis Education curriculum by starting a free 30 day trial or scheduling a demo.