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Pacing Guide

The pacing guide details the lessons that will be covered on each day of instruction. It features the key concepts and learning objectives for each lesson in the course, customized to the unique instructional cadence of your school or district.


Curriculum Pacing Guide

You want to provide computer science curriculum, but establishing fidelity of instruction across class periods, classrooms, and grade levels can be challenging. You need a consistent curriculum for your teachers and students that is tailored to your scheduling needs.

At Ellipsis Education, we understand what it takes to pace and scaffold curriculum. That is why customized pacing guides are provided with every course. The document is tailored to your instructional cadence, ensuring teachers can provide continuity between class periods, parity across classrooms, and scaffolding through grade levels.

Below, view the first page of a pacing guide from our CS Fundamentals 5 course. The first page offers an overview of the course at a glance, including the instructional cadence, instructions, and resource information.

Then, the pacing guide breaks down the course by module to show the activity, learning objectives, standards, and time required. The pacing guide also has a column for educators to take notes on when they complete each lesson to help teachers keep track of their cadence. The pacing guide is a digital PDF document that can be a printable pacing guide if teachers opt for a physical copy.

Why are pacing guides important? A detailed outline of lessons that includes objectives, descriptions, and duration will help teachers plan and prepare their classes. Pacing guides assist teachers in navigating each day of the curriculum.

View an Example of Our Pacing Guides in Education

See an example pacing guide in our free trial. In addition, explore sample lessons from each of our grade-level differentiated courses and see an example syllabus and standards map. This 30 day free trial will give you an idea of what your full instance of Ellipsis Education curriculum will look like.