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Computer Science Lesson Plans

Teach computer science in your classroom with a free lesson plan PDF from Ellipsis Education. Our detailed lesson plans have teacher preparation, resources, and scripts all laid out. That way, teachers of all experience levels can get started and be effective with computer science.

Computer Science Foundations (K-2)

Lunar Loops

In Lunar Loops, students will participate in a hands-on game introducing the concept of loops.

Idea Generation

In Idea Generation, students learn to communicate an idea and practice generating ideas with an activity.


In Firefighter, students will learn about the technologies that firefighters use in their role.

Computer Science Fundamentals (3-5)

Treasure Map Coordinates

In Treasure Map Coordinates, students will code a sprite to move across a treasure map using the coordinate plane.

What’s in the News?

In What’s in the News, students will discuss breaking news and the trustworthiness of digital media.


In Aviation, students will explore the duties of two different roles within the aviation field.

Computer Science Applications (6-8)

Hello World! JavaScript

In Hello World!, students will begin to explore the basics of how the internet works and how webpages are built.

Digital Security Analyst

In Digital Security Analyst, students learn about Digital Security Analysts and how to leave a good digital footprint.

3D Printing Industry

In 3D Printing Industry, students explore roles within the industry and design & evaluate a product.

High School Computer Science (9-12)

It’s All in the Details

In It’s All in the Details, students will practice debugging code within the Python programming language.

API Applications

In API Applications, students will describe and distinguish between 3 different types of APIs and their applications

Augmented Reality Engineer

In Augmented Reality Engineer, students will explore the responsibilities of the role and AR technology.

K-12 Computer Science Curriculum

Our K-12 courses have everything you need to get students going: detailed lesson plans (beyond just coding), pacing guides, standards maps, and ongoing support.

Computer Science Lesson Plans

Computer science lesson plans are crucial for educators to inspire and educate students on technology, coding, and digital literacy. In today’s world, where computers are increasingly relevant, teachers must introduce various aspects of computer science to prepare students for a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Luckily, there are many types of computer lesson plan available for different age groups and skill levels:

  • Coding: project-based lessons that focus on a specific type of programming language
  • Unplugged activities: hands-on exercises for understanding algorithms and problem-solving without devices/software.
  • Digital citizenship lesson plans: teach responsible online behavior, privacy, cyberbullying prevention, and safe internet usage.
  • STEM careers: teach about real-world applications to spark interest in computing skills.

Teachers should be aware of the abundance of free resources available when creating their computer science curriculum. From websites offering free PDF downloads of computer science lessons to online tutorials for programming languages or coding challenges, there is something suited for every classroom.

Computer Science Lesson Plans PDF

As an educator, you understand the importance of incorporating computer science into your curriculum at various grade levels. To support your efforts, we have curated a collection of computer science lesson plans available in PDF format to ensure easy access and compatibility with your devices.

  • Grades K-2: our computer science lesson plans free pdf covers fundamental concepts such as algorithms and programming languages. These resources will help you introduce young learners to the fascinating world of computer science, laying a strong foundation for their future endeavors in this field.
  • Grades 3-5: our computer science lesson plans free provide engaging activities designed to build on their existing knowledge while introducing new concepts such as data representation and storage. These lessons will equip students with the necessary tools and understanding required to excel in more complex computer science topics as they progress through school.
  • Grades 6-8: our computer science lesson plans pdf offers an array of interactive exercises that delve deeper into algorithm design and abstraction while also touching upon internet safety and digital citizenship. These valuable lessons will not only strengthen critical thinking skills but also promote responsible use of technology among students.
  • Grades 9 -12: our collection of computer science lesson plans pdf covers diverse subjects ranging from artificial intelligence (AI) to cybersecurity. These rigorous resources will prepare students for higher education or careers in the ever-evolving field of technology.

The best part about these free computer science lesson plans pdf is that they cater to teachers’ needs by providing flexible formats which can be easily adapted for different classroom settings. Moreover, with these resources being available as PDFs, you can easily download and access them on a phone or tablet during instruction.

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Computer Science Lesson Plans Elementary

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, computer science lesson plans in elementary education have become increasingly important. Ultimately, fostering a strong foundation in computer science during elementary years sets the stage for students’ success as they progress through middle and high school.

One popular approach for teaching computer science is through coding lesson plans for elementary students. Coding lesson plans for kindergarten use programs like ScratchJr, perfect for pre-readers. 

To further support educators, numerous organizations offer free computer science lesson plans in PDF format covering various subjects and skill levels. These comprehensive resources include everything from introduction to coding lesson plans for beginners to more complex topics like networking or cybersecurity.

Whether they choose to pursue careers in technology or simply use their newfound skills as digitally literate citizens, these early experiences will have a lasting impact on students’ future success.

Computer Lesson Plans For Middle School PDF

After formative experiences in elementary school, students will be ready for middle school computer science curriculum. To cater for different learning needs and styles, we present an array of computer lesson plans for middle school pdf that cover diverse topics and can easily be downloaded for free.

Lesson plan of computer class 6 introduces basic concepts such as navigating operating systems, file management, and keyboarding skills. As students progress through the grades, comprehensive resources like lesson plan computer class 7 and lesson plan computer class 8 delve deeper into essential topics such as internet safety, spreadsheets, multimedia presentations, and coding basics.

For teachers handling more advanced learners, there are computer lesson plan for grade 8 resources that focus on more complex concepts. These resources address specialized topics such as data structures, algorithms, and programming languages to ensure learners have a strong foundation in computer science.

With these lesson plans and resources, teachers will be ready to incorporate computer science into their middle school curriculum. Providing students with early exposure to computer science concepts and principles will help them develop valuable critical thinking and problem-solving skills that can be applied across various subjects.

Computer Science Lesson Plans For High School

Computer science lesson plans for high school are valuable tools for educators looking to inspire and engage their students in technology and programming. By including computer science activities for high school students, teachers can help students get ready for AP Computer Science or other post-secondary experiences

Popular lesson plans for high school free introduce students to coding through hands-on exercises. They learn programming languages like Python, Java, or JavaScript to create programs and games. 

Computer science lesson plans for high school PDF can cover algorithms, databases, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence. Teachers can also explore real-world applications in healthcare, finance, or environmental conservation. These discussions foster appreciation for technology and may inspire students to pursue related careers.

The internet offers many free resources for computer science lesson plans. Educational websites provide downloadable high school computer science PDF files with step-by-step instructions, objectives, assessments, and supplementary materials. Organizations like also offer free courses that require minimal investment. Open-source software platforms allow students to experiment with coding without expensive licenses.

In conclusion, integrating computer science into high school curriculum is made easier with online resources. By using these materials, teachers can create an inclusive learning environment that prepares students for success in a digital world.

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