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Treasure Map Coordinates

Free Coding for Elementary Students

X marks the spot! Engage students with a treasure map activity that introduces computer science for elementary students. Receive a lesson plan PDF built for grades 3-5.

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About the Lesson

In this activity, students will use coordinates and coordinate planes to explore the functionality of the Scratch Motion blocks with the goal of animating a sprite to move around a treasure map. This lesson is built for grades 3 – 5 and introduces coding for kids: Scratch, a block based coding language. The coding for kids PDF includes links to the appropriate materials and resources, a detailed procedure, activity tips, and a bonus challenge activity.

  • Students will be able to indicate the location of sprites using a full coordinate plane.
  • Students will be able to compare and contrast the functionality of Scratch motion blocks.
  • Students will be able to develop a program in Scratch by animating a sprite’s movement across a treasure map.
  • Coordinate Plane
  • Stage
  • X-axis
  • Y-axis

Coding for Elementary Students


Introduce computer science with free coding lesson plans for elementary students from Codelicious. Receive our lesson plan PDF for Treasure Map Coordinates, built for grades 3-5.

Computer Science Curriculum

This lesson represents Ellipsis Education Computer Science Fundamentals courses, made for grades 3-5. Inspire your students with courses that spark their creativity. Coding lessons use Scratch, a block based coding language, ideal for the transitional and fluent reader. Learn more about each Computer Science Fundamentals course below.


Explore fundamental computer science skills by building coding and debugging projects. Expand understanding of variables, loops, and conditionals. Discuss internet safety, real-world technology, and STEM careers.


Establish fundamental computer science skills. Understand concepts like variables, parameters, and comparison operators. Discuss ethical Internet behaviors and problem solving strategies, and STEM careers.


Reinforce fundamental programming concepts and experiment with advanced coding. Understand the applications of booleans, loops, and arrays. Evaluate online activity and the impacts of computing on society.

Coding Lessons for Kids

There are many benefits of teaching coding lessons in elementary school. Students can learn basic programming skills; the building blocks of coding such as loops, functions, and conditionals can be introduced using block coding platforms, like Scratch or Blockly. A strong understanding of these concepts can be applied to more complex languages when the opportunity to take advanced coursework arises. As students progress to more advanced projects, such as developing websites, programs, and games, they are motivated to connect with their world and empowered to expand their skills. Furthermore, learning coding is advantageous even for students that are not interested in pursuing computer science or development as their ultimate career. Students benefit from practicing the communication, collaboration, computational thinking, and creative skills needed to be successful.

Free Computer Coding Lessons

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