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⭐ Texas educators: our K-5 Tech Apps curriculum is a state-approved instructional material. Learn More.

Texas Technology Applications Curriculum

Comprehensive curriculum from Ellipsis Education puts learning in context, so a teacher, not a machine, brings computer science to life.

Explore our K-5 curriculum, which is a state-approved instructional material.

Why Ellipsis Education?

Computer science provides meaningful context for the learning of Technology Application TEKS.
District partners choose to work with Ellipsis Education because they share our beliefs:

Computer science should be taught.

Ellipsis is a full curriculum that uses best practices for teaching and learning – just like any math or science program. 

Computer science education should begin as early as kindergarten.

Students can code before they can read. Early drag-and-drop coding supports early numeracy and literacy.

Computer science is more than just coding.

Ellipsis includes four lesson types – unplugged, coding, digital citizenship, and STEM Careers – to support a comprehensive view of computer science.

Any teacher can teach and any student can learn computer science.

Ellipsis curriculum gives teachers the right materials and resources, so they can shine, regardless of experience.

Overview of Tech Apps TEKS Curriculum


Thoughtfully Designed for Texas Educators

Ellipsis is a full, grade-level differentiated curriculum that provides sequencing and context.
Plus, it’s aligned with the Tech Apps TEKS.

K-5 Texas Technology Applications Curriculum

Inspire your students with courses that are grade-level differentiated, age-appropriate, and engaging.

  • Thematic computer science units provide context for Tech Apps learning
  • Includes formative and performance-based assessments
  • Focus on digital literacy, career readiness, and 21st century skills development
  • Dedicated customer success team and optional asynchronous training
The Curriculum Delivery Platform (CDP)

This teacher-facing platform houses the curriculum and has everything you need for seamless computer science instruction. 

  • All computer science resources in one place – no more piecing together activities and resources
  • SSO with multiple integrations, including Canvas, ClassLink, and Google Classroom, and more
  • Mobile responsive, so you can teach from your iPad, tablet, or phone
  • Designed specifically for Ellipsis Technology Applications curriculum

K-5 Technology Applications Walkthrough


Technology Applications from Ellipsis Education is a state-approved instructional material.

Resources Built to Support Teachers

Ellipsis curriculum provides teachers with the right materials and resources, so they can deliver the best instructional practices to their students.

Unit Maps

Understand the architecture of a given unit to achieve big picture outcomes.


Reveal qualitative data related to student learning outcomes, and inform instructional decisions.

Typing & Keyboarding

Practice keyboarding techniques and perform routine application functions.


View the lessons titles and descriptions that will be taught during each instructional day.

Pacing Guide

Feature the key concepts and learning objectives for each lesson in the course.

ELL Teaching Guide

Create leveled accommodations for helping English language learners access the coding curriculum.

Tech Apps Standards Map

See how lessons and learning outcomes align with the Technology Applications TEKS.

Computer science, taught by teachers.


Comprehensive Tech Apps curriculum from Ellipsis Education puts learning in context,
so a teacher, not a machine, brings computer science to life. Explore our K-5 curriculum, which is a state-approved instructional material.

What Educators Are Saying

Kim Collazo
Best of STEM Awards

Ellipsis Education’s personalized and detailed teacher guides will allow even the most hesitant educator to feel more comfortable integrating CS with their students.

ISTE Seal of Alignment
ISTE Standards

All courses are characterized by fun coding challenges, offline activities that encourage active engagement, and lots of opportunities for discussion and reflective thinking.

Rebecca Bersani
Teacher, Grade 4

They cover more than just programming and dive into all areas of the computer science standards, which I have found is often left out in other curricula.

Ready to Learn More?

See how Technology Applications Curriculum from Ellipsis Education can work in your district. Request a meeting with our accounts team to share your goals and explore our Tech Apps curriculum. If interested, you can also explore our secondary computer science offering for grades 6-12.