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Start your 30 day preview of Ellipsis Education curriculum for K-12.

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  • Sample lessons from each grade-level differentiated course
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To discuss the specific ways Ellipsis Education curriculum can fit within your unique computer science strategy, schedule a demo to speak with our accounts team.

Computer Science Curriculum Preview

Explore sample lessons from each of our grade-level differentiated courses and see an example syllabus, pacing guide, and standards map. This 2 week free trial will give you an idea of what your full instance of Ellipsis Education computer science curriculum will look like.

Once you fill out the form above, you’ll receive an email with more information about accessing your free trial, which is housed in our Curriculum Delivery Platform. The curriculum preview will look something like this:

Your free trial homepage will display a list of Ellipsis Education courses with lessons inside.

Not ready to see the curriculum yet? Below, you can learn more about the computer science landscape in your state, download single free lessons, or read through frequently asked questions about Ellipsis Education.

United States K-12 Computer Science Standards

Explore the computer science landscape in your state on our United States K-12 Computer Science Standards page.

Each page includes state-specific information about adopted computer science standards and computer science teaching certifications. Additionally, find some information about Ellipsis Education, computer science requirements, grant opportunities, and more.

With the adoption of new standards across the nation, it can be difficult to ensure ongoing alignment with computer science education requirements. Computer science high school requirements are generally well established (especially around AP Computer Science), but now many states with computer science standards have adopted standards all the way from K to 12. State requirements vary greatly; some states build their own standards while some adopt or modify national standards. You can explore your state’s specific standards using the links on the United States page.

Free Computer Science Lesson Plans

Visit our Computer Science Lesson Plans page to download free Ellipsis Education lessons.

These lessons are representative of Ellipsis Education courses by grade band:

Use these coding, digital citizenship, unplugged, and STEM Career lessons to familiarize your students with different facets of computer science and preview full Ellipsis Education courses. Each lesson plan PDF includes links to the appropriate materials and resources, a detailed procedure, activity tips, and a bonus challenge activity.

Teach students how to create and share ideas in Idea Generation. Take flight with your students by teaching them about a career in Aviation. Explore the basics of how the internet works and how webpages are built in Hello World! JavaScript. Discuss media literacy and evaluate the trustworthiness of source material in What’s in the News.

We hope these resources assist you in your computer science journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

In the Ellipsis Education Customer Support center, explore frequently asked questions about the curriculum.

These questions are broken down into four categories:

  1. Ellipsis Education Computer Science Curriculum: Explore the resources included, standards alignment options, curriculum and training costs, and course types.

  2. Ellipsis Education Training Information: Information on training and professional development options and costs.

  3. Teaching Ellipsis Education Curriculum: Everything you need to get started with Ellipsis Education and effectively teach computer science.

  4. Troubleshooting an issue: Tips for troubleshooting common issues.

Questions range from “How is Ellipsis Education curriculum delivered?” to “How can I keep my students’ information in Scratch completely private?”. New Q&A is being added to our FAQ all the time, but it’s not comprehensive. If you’re a current customer who needs assistance, contact us and a customer experience representative will be in touch. If you’re still exploring computer science curricula, schedule a demo and our accounts team will be happy to help.

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