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Vision and Mission


We imagine a world where all learners have equitable access to high-quality computer science education.


Ensure teachers have the curriculum, resources, and support they need to confidently teach computer science.

Computer Science Education Landscape

Rapid advancements in technology, along with its powerful influence on the ways we live and work, are driving change in the way we view computer science literacy and education. More than ever, we understand that computer science is evolving beyond a nice-to-have in K-12 education. It is now clear, computer science education is a critical path for developing students’ technological literacy while also equipping them with the disposition, attitudes, knowledge, and skills necessary to thrive in their post-secondary lives.

While elements of computer science education have been integrated into schools for quite some time, these implementations are often episodic, incentive-based, and limited in scope. Initial forays into computer science offer surface level learning experiences for students, but they are unlikely to support deep and meaningful learning that transfers to real-world applications. To fully realize the benefits of computer science education, 21st century learners need more. Computer science must be integrated into schools as a formal discipline, taught using high-quality instructional strategies, and accessible to every student.

Differences in state-level policy, availability of teacher preparation, curricula materials, and the rapidly changing nature of the discipline, create unique complexities in the process of bringing computer science to schools. Moreover, as schools’ appetites for computer science education grows, their integration strategies will evolve. Simply put, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. To support schools at all stages, curriculum providers must stand ready to engage in partnerships; co-constructing viable and dynamic solutions that meet these expanding visions for computer science.