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Curriculum Delivery Platform

The Curriculum Delivery Platform (CDP) is the online portal used to deliver Ellipsis Education curriculum. The platform makes it easy for teachers to access and navigate their courses. With computer science resources at their fingertips, teachers can spend less time gathering materials and more time doing what they do best – teaching. Try out the Curriculum Delivery Platform with a Free Trial.


Computer Science, Delivered Simply

Teachers will find that the Curriculum Delivery Platform is simple, easy to use, and efficient. This teacher-facing platform has everything you need for seamless computer science instruction. In addition, the Curriculum Delivery Platform is designed to be mobile responsive and will work on most device sizes. Some of the major benefits of the platform include:

Single Sign On (SSO) Integrations

We want to make signing on and using our curriculum easy for teachers. We work with a team who deals with integration and data security full-time, allowing you to sign into CDP from your educational platform with one click.

The CDP provides Single Sign On (SSO) to many educational platforms including Canvas, Google Classroom, Microsoft, ClassLink, brightspace, schoology, and Blackboard through EdLink.

If you don’t see your SSO provider, please contact us, as we frequently add integrations.

Streamlined Experience

Our curriculum hasn’t changed, but our delivery has been updated and designed just for us. Within the Curriculum Delivery Platform, you will easily be able to navigate through the course(s) that you teach. 

Below, notice the homepage of the Curriculum Delivery Platform. This page will show the courses that you teach with the corresponding instructional days and quick access to resources.

Your CDP homepage will display the Ellipsis Education courses you teach.

Easy Access to Resources

The Curriculum Delivery Platform displays organized lesson plans, materials, standards maps, pacing guides, and syllabi. When you click into your course, you will find the lesson plan needed for each day, along with a button to find the materials needed. Along the top of your course page, find the syllabus, pacing guide, and standards maps.

New features continuously developed with teachers in mind

We want to remove barriers to teaching computer science. That is why we will continue to improve our service to educators. When we have an update to the Curriculum Delivery Platform, it will be pushed out immediately on the online portal.

Free Trial of the Curriculum Delivery Platform

Start a free trial to preview Curriculum Delivery Platform, or schedule a 30-minute call to explore our courses with one of our curriculum experts. You will preview curriculum features such as syllabi, lesson plans, and standards mapping.