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What Educators Have to Say

Amy Giba
Teacher, Grades 6-8

Their team does an outstanding job of developing curriculum that truly anyone can teach. I have learned so much right along with my students!

Cathy Perez
Teacher, Grades 6-8

The lesson plans and modules in the curriculum structure presented clearly so my lessons are smooth, and if needed, I can adjust the lessons.

Crystal Kistler
Teacher, Grade 7

When I have concerns with a code, I forward my concerns to Ellipsis Education and their team of experts help me. The support I receive is amazing!

ISTE Seal of Alignment
ISTE Standards

All courses are characterized by fun coding challenges, offline activities that encourage active engagement, and lots of opportunities for discussion and reflective thinking.

Kim Collazo
Best of STEM Awards

Ellipsis Education’s personalized and detailed teacher guides will allow even the most hesitant educator to feel more comfortable integrating CS with their students.

Rebecca Bersani
Teacher, Grade 4

They cover more than just programming and dive into all areas of the computer science standards, which I have found is often left out in other curricula.

Sharon Albertson
Teacher, Grade 7

I appreciate how in depth their resources are – from objectives to well planned out lessons that explain exactly how to teach the material.

K-12 Computer Science Curriculum

Our K-12 courses have everything you need to get students going: detailed lesson plans (beyond just coding), pacing guides, standards maps, and ongoing support.

Our Typical Process

We understand that curriculum decisions aren’t one size fits all. We want to get to know your district’s needs, as well as share what makes our curriculum special.

  1. Discovery – Overview of both parties, strategy alignment
  2. Evaluation – Curriculum review and fit for purpose discussions
  3. SolutioningCollaborating on the specific requirements and proposal
  4. Decision – Seeking buy-in on best solution to achieve the objectives
  5. Approval – Ordering and procurement processes
  6. Kickoff  РOn-boarding begins!

Computer science, taught by teachers.