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Curriculum Training

We understand that training is essential to the successful adoption of new curriculum. A well-rounded approach includes a variety of training formats to foster deep and meaningful learning. Explore our training formats and solutions below, and make sure your teachers are set up for success. For additional information, schedule a demo with an account manager.

Educator Guide

The Educator Guide is like your Ellipsis reference manual. It describes the organization of the curriculum, best practices for navigating lesson plans, and practical tips for teaching your courses. You can always access your Educator Guide as a PDF in the Curriculum Delivery Platform.

Teachers will be able to:

  • Describe key elements of the larger computer science landscape.
  • Understand how Ellipsis curriculum fits into the K-12 computer science conversation. 
  • Navigate the Curriculum Delivery Platform and coding platforms.
  • Prepare for classroom integration quickly and effectively.

Teacher Training Program

This program offers a mix of synchronous and asynchronous training to help you make the most out of your new Ellipsis curriculum. First, you’ll participate in a 30 minute, virtual kick-off session with the Ellipsis team to discuss your goals and learn about key features. Next, you will receive access to a self-paced onboarding course. This interactive program covers course navigation, coding platforms, and instructional design.

Teachers will be able to: 

  • Confidently access and use Ellipsis Education resources to plan and implement computer science in their classrooms.
  • Use third-party coding environments when teaching coding lessons.
  • Describe the structure and key characteristics of Ellipsis Education curriculum.
  • Situate their computer science implementation within the broader landscape of computer science education.

Train-the-Trainer Program

This one-hour, synchronous session begins with a collaborative computer science vision-building discussion. Then, you will be provided with all the information, hands-on practice, and materials you’ll need to lead onboarding training sessions for your teachers. All your teachers will also access our self-paced onboarding course. Our intent is to help you build in-house capacity to launch a successful computer science implementation with Ellipsis curriculum.

Coaches, trainers, and teacher leads will be able to:

  • Serve as computer science education champions and in-house experts in Ellipsis curriculum implementation.
  • Become knowledgeable in the use of the Curriculum Delivery Platform and third-party coding environments.
  • Describe the structures and key characteristics of Ellipsis Education curriculum.
  • Lead in-house onboarding training sessions.

Facilitated Curriculum Overview

In this two-hour, synchronous session, you will dive deep into the structure and components of Ellipsis Education curriculum. You’ll have guided time to explore the curriculum layout and features. Then, you’ll get an interactive tutorial of the coding platforms used in the curriculum. This training is conducted in a virtual, group learning environment and facilitated by an Ellipsis team member.

Teachers will be able to:

  • Navigate the Ellipsis Curriculum Delivery Platform to access lessons and course resources.
  • Understand the types and features of Ellipsis lesson plans.
  • Use third-party coding environments when teaching coding lessons.

Classroom Strategy Design

Once you have been teaching the curriculum in your classroom, you will be ready to discuss with your fellow teachers. An Ellipsis team member will help facilitate as you work through classroom scenarios and ensure you are building confidence with the curriculum. This training takes the shape of a virtual conversation, built for up to 10 teachers.

Teachers will be able to:

  • Expand their knowledge by roleplaying classroom scenarios.
  • Discuss potential modifications of coursework to address specific use cases.
  • Share information with other teachers.
  • Openly discuss issues, questions, and concerns with classroom integration.

Computer Science Curriculum Training

Teachers deserve to have access to high-quality, standards-aligned K-12 computer science curriculum. When provided with high-quality curriculum, educators are relieved of the time-consuming task of sourcing and vetting curricular materials and modifying those materials to meet the needs of their learners. Instead, teachers can focus their energy and time where it matters most – in connecting with and supporting their students in engaging learning experiences. However, research has shown that high-quality curriculum is not a universal key to unlocking improved student outcomes. When paired with high-quality curriculum, curriculum-based professional learning fosters change in educator practice that is in turn reflected in improved student learning.

Our curriculum-based training is designed to directly impact teaching and learning. We…

  • model the teaching strategies and content that are included with Ellipsis Education

  • actively engage educators in the same kinds of learning activities they will carry out with their students

  • support teachers’ collaboration with one another so that they can create communities of practice and impact culture

  • encourage self-reflection so that teachers can thoughtfully move their practice forward

When implementing a new curriculum, it is essential that educators feel supported and that they have access to the information they need to use the new materials with integrity. Our experienced team is ready to engage with educators through a variety of curriculum-based professional learning offerings to assist as they bring Ellipsis Education curriculum into their classrooms.

Teachers will benefit from the modeling of facilitation, use of computer science resources for teachers, and best practices used by their workshop leaders. Whether you are teaching computer science in high school or computer science in primary schools, your training will include exploring computer science lesson plans and becoming familiar with the computer science curriculum guide. Even without a computer science teaching certificate, you will be ready to teach computing curriculum to your students.

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