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Codelicious Course Name Updates 2021

April 29, 2021
By Alex Correa Director, Product & Technology

We are so excited to share the latest update to our computer science courses. As of April 29, 2021, we are changing our course names.

Don’t worry – we aren’t changing the content of our curriculum. Customers will still receive the same comprehensive, flexible, and teacher-friendly computer science curriculum they’ve come to expect from Codelicious. This update just has to do with streamlining our course names.

We understand that you want a simple way to get computer science into your classroom. Our previous course names (ex., Programming 100) weren’t as descriptive as we would have liked; based on the name alone, it was difficult for educators to identify the content and audience for the course. This update addresses that challenge. Now, our courses are named within blocks based on skill level and map to a specific grade (ex., Computer Science Foundations 2). As students graduate from block coding to line coding, course names reflect the programming language they will learn (ex., High School Computer Science Java). 

Explore these changes visually with our new K-12 Computer Science Course Pathway. As you can see, grades K-2 map to Computer Science Foundations courses, grades 3-5 map to Computer Science Fundamentals courses, grades 6-8 map to Computer Science Applications courses, and High School Computer Science includes a 9th grade course alongside elective courses that allow students to further explore their interests.

Our hope is that these names will streamline the process of selecting and implementing computer science curriculum for each grade level. Furthermore, we hope it supports you in defining a clear computer science skills progression from K-12. 

If you are currently working with us, this change will not impact your existing courses; however, the next time you purchase a course or renew your contract, you will notice new names. 

Explore our new course names and read all the descriptions at If you have any questions, please feel free to email!

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