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Vocabulary Words and Definitions

Each lesson plan includes vocabulary words that help students understand key concepts in the lesson.

Computer Science Vocab

We understand that teaching computer science comes with terminology that may be unfamiliar to students. Understanding the computer science keywords and definitions will enhance student learning as they progress through their coursework. That is why each lesson plan highlights the computer science words that are associated with the key concepts in the lesson.

At the top of each lesson plan PDF, you will find the computer science terms and definitions necessary for the lesson. Below is an example of what this looks like on the lesson plan document.

Then, the lesson provides opportunities to teach the vocab words and ensure student understanding. From the same lesson, below shows how the lesson teaches the terms from the above example.

This example shows that when students understand the definition of the words, they are able to make connections with the terms to the real world.

The computer terms and definitions are naturally built into instruction, allowing the flow of the lesson to progress while confirming student understanding of vocabulary.

Try out Teaching Computer Science Vocab Words With a Free Lesson

In this lesson, students will use coordinates and coordinate planes to explore the functionality of the Scratch Motion blocks with the goal of animating a sprite to move around a treasure map.

This lesson includes four computer science vocabulary words and definitions.