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January 18, 2022
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Name: Jenny Tod
Title: Creative Director, Designer
Company: Jenny Tod Creative

Being a creative person can manifest in many ways. Explore the role of Designer with Jenny Tod of Jenny Tod Creative. Learn more about Jenny’s career, and how she overcame imposter syndrome in such a subjective industry.

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Introduction Transcription

Being a creative person means you may have many interests, and you don’t have to just pick one for your career. Many people have found a balance doing lots of different things they’re passionate about.

Today, you’ll hear my conversation with someone who has crafted a career from her many passions. Jenny Tod is the founder and creative director at Jenny Tod Creative, accomplished designer, and former owner of Indie Coffee Roaster. I will say, I frequent Indie Coffee roasters, and it is a cozy place full of Jenny’s original designs on the walls.

Since Jenny works with so many different clients, she’s had some interesting design experiences. Hear more about her creative process, the technology she uses every day, and tips for overcoming imposter syndrome.

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