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Patent Lawyer

January 18, 2022
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Name: Angela Freeman
Title: Partner, Patent Attorney
Company: Barnes & Thornburg

Part 1 – Career in Patent Law

From research lab to law office. Explore the role of Patent Lawyer with Angela Freeman of Barnes & Thornburg. Learn more about Angela’s career journey and her passion for advocating for women and diversity in STEM.

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Introduction Transcription

Sometimes, professionals know what career they want to pursue from a very young age, and sometimes, they find a new path after years of work. Either way, it’s important to follow your passions and do what you want to do.

Today, you’ll hear part 1 of my conversation with someone who followed their passion to a new career. Angela Freeman is a patent attorney and partner at Barnes and Thornburg. Angela has had an absolutely amazing career, so for the first time ever, we’re bringing you her interview in two parts.

In part 1, you’ll hear about Angela’s start in biology. She found she had a talent for STEM at a young age, and followed that skill all the way from academia to pharmaceuticals. But life doesn’t always stay on the straight and narrow! Hear about when she started considering a second career as a lawyer and the people who helped her along the way.

Part 2 – Advocating for Women in STEM

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Introduction Transcription

Sometimes, the greatest leadership lessons don’t come from work. Many STEM and computer science professionals are involved with nonprofit organizations outside of their company, helping to advocate for causes that are important to them.

Part 2 of my conversation with Angela Freeman, patent attorney and partner at Barnes & Thornburg, focuses on just that. If you missed part 1, I would suggest going back and listening to that episode – then come back to this one!

Angela Freeman has had an amazing career so far, but equally impressive is her involvement with the Indianapolis community. Hear about her non-profit roles supporting women and girls in STEM. During her tenure as a board member of Women & Hi Tech, Angela advocated for diversity, passion, and authenticity.

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