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Why We Love Computer Science

February 13, 2020
By Katie Baird Content Marketing Specialist

Updated 12/10/2020 for CSEdWeek.

Love is in the air at Codelicious – namely, love for computer science.

Every day, our passionate team works to spread computer science education across the nation. We all love computer science and for different reasons. Here are my two cents:

“I love computer science because it allows people of all ages to think differently – using your own knowledge to solve difficult problems is incredibly empowering.”

Katie Baird
Content Marketing Specialist

I enjoyed asking other Codelicious team members why they love computer science. The answers were incredibly varied; from career readiness to creativity, computer science can resonate in many different ways.

Mr. Reyes, an ESL teacher using the Codelicious curriculum, put it well: “If you learn the language of coding, could you imagine the freedom that some of these kids would have?” Members of our team also love the opportunities for personal and professional growth that computer science provides.

“I love computer science because it is the intersection of logic and creativity. No matter what you love to do, computer science knowledge and skills can help open doors.”

Christine McDonnell
Co-Founder and CEO

“I love computer science because it allows me to access more resources and opportunities in the 21st century.”

Rachel Tracy
Product Manager

“I love computer science because it leads to vast opportunities that foster growth for all ages.”

Megan Welk
Manager, Curriculum Development

“I love CS because I enjoy finding creative solutions to challenging puzzles and computer science skills can be applied in many diverse fields.”

Sandy Dibble
Curriculum Development Specialist

Computer science also offers the opportunity to solve problems in a creative and modern way. These new forms of critical thinking lead to countless job opportunities. Computer science encourages everyone to dream big!

“I love computer science because it has given me the confidence and skill to be a 21st century problem solver.”

Alex Correa
Director, Technology and Product

“I love computer science because there is always an opportunity to learn and grow!  In addition to learning technical skills, computer science builds confidence and develops important life skills such as problem solving and creative thinking.”

Amy Marcou
Customer Experience Specialist

“I love computer science because it is essential to learn to be college and career ready. Every occupation now is related to computer science skills.”

Amy Rauch
National Academic Adviser

“I love computer science because it allows you to explore solutions to problems, opening up the mind to curiosity and wonder.”

Mark Dreiband
Sales Development Representative

“I love that students and educators have the opportunity to learn a new language that opens doors and gives learners a space to problem solve in a way that maybe they haven’t before.”

Jordan Gerstenberger
Account Executive

Finally, computer science has no boundaries. Anyone regardless of age, background, or experience can enjoy learning computer science principles. 

“I love computer science because I’ve seen how it sparks ideas for people – little ones and grown ones alike!”

Emily Williams
Operations Consultant

“I love computer science because it allows students and adults the opportunity to be agents of change!”

Lindsey Hetrick
Curriculum Development Specialist 

“I love computer science because it can mean different things to different people. There are no exceptions for those who can learn computer science; it’s open to all.”

Sena Hineline
Director of Marketing

“I love computer science because there is never a dull moment as it continues to evolve and foster new possibilities.”

Jake Friedly
Sales Development Representative

“Why I love CS… I love computer science because there are so many entry points. Love solving complex problems? — try cybersecurity! Love to draw? — try digital animation! Love to learn new languages? — learn a coding language! No matter what your interests or natural talent, there’s a place in computer science for you.”

Stephanie Bennett
Curriculum Development Specialist

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