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Curriculum Developer Spotlight: Lindsey Hetrick

January 28, 2020

The Curriculum Developer Spotlight series on our blog highlights the unique and talented educators that write the Codelicious curriculum. Keep reading to learn more about Lindsey’s background, expertise, and approach to computer science in the classroom.

“When students learn that they can be

agents of change, they start to view the

world differently.”

— Lindsey Hetrick

Being a teacher has always given me so much joy, because I am passionate about helping students develop the skills necessary for their futures. I started my teaching career in Ohio, where I taught 5th-grade science and English Language Arts and then moved to San Francisco, CA where I taught elementary STEM. Living in Silicon Valley, I was surrounded by the fast-paced, ever-evolving technology world. I was fascinated with the number of jobs in technology and knew it was my responsibility to give students opportunities to develop the necessary skills to thrive in this technologically advanced society. 

The question I was faced with was, “What are the core skills that students need to be prepared for their future?” The answer was clear: computer science.

Computer Science is a vehicle for teaching students how to structure their thought processes and solve problems in a way that will be a core future skill in any field. Solving problems:

When students learn that they can be agents of change, they start to view the world differently. I craved this experience for my students. 

The challenges of getting Computer Science in my classroom came down to time, resources, and access. I did not have time as a busy teacher to develop my own skills in Computer Science, and by extension, teach my students Computer Science. I needed a rich, dynamic computer science curriculum that gave my students time to solve problems, iterate, collaborate, evaluate solutions, and make decisions. The curriculum and resources I was provided with included textbooks, worksheets, and vocabulary sheets. These materials can be great supplemental resources to reinforce ideas and concepts but should be paired with student-centered learning opportunities.

The gap I saw with traditional curriculum and the desire to want more for my students led me to Codelicious. I chose to write curriculum for Codelicious because I believe it is possible to give all children opportunities to learn and develop Computer Science skills. Codelicious is exactly what I was looking for as a STEM teacher and I am so thrilled to be here, writing for so many teachers and students.

At Codelicious, we write a curriculum that any educator can confidently teach, regardless of their experience in Computer Science. Any teacher can pick up a Codelicious lesson and guide students in developing core future skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration. Most of all, I love Codelicious curriculum because it gives students the opportunity to explore innovation and experimentation while allowing them to see themselves as Computer Scientists. Developing this mindset and confidence at a young age is integral in students developing core skills necessary for any field or career path.