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Our ERDI Experience

February 14, 2020
By Christine McDonnell, Co-Founder and CEO

“Story-telling is a powerful way to

broaden perspectives and strengthen


Dr. Jennifer Ferrari
President of the Education Research and Development Institute (ERDI)

We were excited to tell our story at ERDI I, an event hosted by the Education Research and Development Institute. From February 2 – 5, our team and I connected with superintendents to receive feedback on our curriculum. The experience was beneficial across the board; here are my top three reasons why I am returning to ERDI:

1.Constructive Feedback

Codelicious participated in the inaugural “Innovation Track”, a 90-minute presentation for a panel of five superintendents. Throughout the entire conference prep period, we were thankful for our panel chairperson. His guidance and encouragement helped us frame a fruitful discussion. During the panel, the personalized feedback we received was invaluable. Moving forward, our panel members’ input will help us fine-tune our messaging for superintendents nationwide. 

2.Relationship Building

My team and I enjoyed the robust networking opportunities at ERDI. We had the opportunity to meet superintendents from across the nation and pick their brains about computer science curriculum and the opportunity to reinforce social emotional learning. In addition, we appreciated the time to speak with other vendors and curriculum providers. At the end of the day, we all learn from each other; it was wonderful to create relationships with others in our industry. 

3.Breakout Events

Finally, my team and I attended multiple events that greatly enhanced our experience at ERDI. From a sales development breakout to an ERDI Women’s Fellowship Breakfast, it was nice to surround ourselves with other attendees that shared similar interests. Learning tips from the expert moderators was certainly a highlight of ERDI. 

Overall, I would recommend ERDI to any curriculum provider or vendor. The feedback, networking, and breakouts were invaluable for our organization and provided great considerations moving forward. As Dr. Ferrari said, we were thankful for the opportunity to share our story and broaden our perspective at ERDI 2020.

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