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Technology Product Management Director

January 25, 2022

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Name: Betsy Shober
Title: Technology Product Management Director
Company: GS1 US

Have you ever used a barcode at the grocery store? You have GS1 to thank for that! Explore the role of Technology Product Management Director with Betsy Shober of GS1 US. Learn more about Betsy’s many responsibilities, including leading, programming, and training.

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Introduction Transcription

To outsiders, it can sometimes feel like massive systems of software just work. In reality, though, it takes teams of professionals to maintain and update all the software a business uses daily.

Today, you’ll hear my conversation with someone who leads a team like this. Betsy Shober is a Technology Product Management Director at GS1 US. GS1 is a company that creates cutting edge business communication tools; their best known is the barcode.

Betsy does many jobs day to day: she communicates projects to the Technology team, helps roll out new features, and conducts training sessions so people know how to use new products. Join me as we discuss some of the projects she’s working on.

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