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Product Design Manager

January 25, 2022

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Name: Nina Mehta
Title: Product Design Manager
Company: Mailchimp

Build helpful tools for marketers and developers. Explore the role of Product Design Manager with Nina Mehta of Mailchimp. Learn more about Nina’s career journey from newspapers to software, and hear her advice for future product designers.

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Introduction Transcription

Behind every Marketer and Developer, there are other professionals behind the scenes, helping to build the resources and tools they need to be successful. These people work for many different companies, in many different departments – ranging from designers to product researchers to engineers.

Today, you’ll hear my conversation with one of these people. Nina Mehta is a Product Design Manager at Mailchimp, an email marketing platform for small businesses.

Nina started her career as a newspaper designer. Join me as I learn more about Nina’s career journey from print goods to software and her advice for future product designers.

My STEM Career

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