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Administrators , Teachers . March 19, 2024

Interdisciplinary Connections: Science

Discover ways to incorporate computer science into other domains of science in the classroom. Integrate multiple science areas to engage students in STEM learning.

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Administrators , All , Teachers . January 30, 2023

Top 4 Reasons to Study Computer Science

Do you have interest in computer science but think it’s just about learning to code? Well, think again! Here are the top four benefits of studying computer science that don’t include coding.

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Administrators , Teachers . January 21, 2021

What is Computer Science?

Let’s take it back to the basics. In this post, we’ll define computer science and learn about the history, popular technologies, and types of jobs that use it.

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Administrators , All . November 23, 2020

Building Computer Science Education Programs with CodeVA

It takes a village. To get computer science into the classroom, you need resources, community support, and a plan. You need partnerships and a curriculum that will work for you and your school. This is just one example of how CodeVA in Virginia did it. Read on for inspiration as you plan your computer science […]

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Administrators , All , Teachers . November 19, 2020

From Passive to Empowered: PBL with Magnify Learning

We recently had the chance to sit down with PBL expert and founder of Magnify Learning, Ryan Steuer. In this interview, he discusses PBL best practices, shares success stories, and offers advice for getting started in your classroom.

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Administrators , All . June 25, 2020

Exploring the 4 Cs of 21st Century Learning

With the four C’s (critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity), educators can help create future-ready learners – students who are ready to apply their knowledge in any new situation. We explore the four C’s, why they are important, and how Codelicious curriculum reinforces each skill.

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Administrators , All . June 2, 2020

Get Your Summer School Program Virtual Ready

How can you make sure your summer school or camps are virtual ready? Educators are looking for a solution that offers flexibility for students, prioritizes cognitive engagement, and incorporates project-based learning.

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Administrators . March 3, 2020

Codelicious is the Perfect Complement to Code org

Our Codelicious team is a huge fan of Code.org, and we completely align with their mission that “every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn computer science”. That is why our offerings work great together!

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Administrators . February 14, 2020

Our ERDI Experience

We were excited to tell our story at ERDI I, an event hosted by the Education Research and Development Institute. From February 2 – 5, our team and I connected with superintendents to receive feedback on our curriculum.

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Administrators , Teachers . January 23, 2020

2020 CSTA Standards for Teachers

Recently the CSTA, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering, engaging, and advocating for K-12 CS teachers worldwide, partnered with ISTE to rewrite a set of standards and benchmarks for teachers providing CS instruction in their classrooms.

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Administrators . January 9, 2020

Social Emotional Learning Competencies in the Classroom

Students bring more than just their brains to school. Read more about social emotional learning and how to support SEL through computer science.

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Administrators , Teachers . November 6, 2019

Cracking the Code to Building Confidence

At Codelicious, we believe that by exploring computer science projects that engage all learning styles to identify areas of interest and strength, elementary and middle school students increase their confidence, not only in their ability to learn computer science but also in themselves.

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