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Get Your Summer School Program Virtual Ready

June 2, 2020

School’s out – but in a different context than usual!

The end of the school year brought eLearning to the forefront of education, as instruction transitioned from in the classroom to at home. Now, this approach must extend to summer programming. How can you make sure your summer school or camps are virtual ready?   

We’re learning from superintendents and teachers nationwide that virtual summer school wish lists share many common threads. Educators are looking for a solution that offers flexibility for students, prioritizes cognitive engagement, and incorporates project-based learning. Codelicious computer science curriculum has all of these elements – read on to get more details.

Work with a Virtual Ready Partner

Building a virtual ready summer program from scratch is costly and labor intensive. Save learning time by working with a partner that has experience with virtual education and programming. A good partner or vendor can mitigate potential challenges with eLearning. For example, our computer science curriculum is device-agnostic, uses open source development platforms, and offers options for projects that do not require internet access. That way, students have increased flexibility when it comes to participation in summer camps and programs.

Prioritize Cognitive Engagement

With so many things going on outside of the program, it can be tough to keep students engaged with the material. Students may be more stressed or distracted than usual. Encourage social emotional well-being by scheduling frequent breaks, keeping class sizes small, and offering programming that truly interests students. For example, STEM Specialist Erin Naylor used Programing 108: Video Game Development course for her district’s summer sessions. “We just thought it was so relevant to what kids are doing right now,” she remarked. “Instead of playing the game, why not create the game?”

Incorporate Project-Based Learning

In the workforce, your students won’t always complete projects with people who are physically in the office! Prepare them for that reality by incorporating project-based learning into your summer programming. To help teachers manage collaboration, many eLearning platforms offer discussion boards or options to create virtual events with Zoom. In another blog, we offer additional tips for teaching Codelicious curriculum from home using popular eLearning platforms. Between coding lessons, digital citizenship discussions, and unplugged activities, Codelicious courses give students plenty of project-based opportunities to work together.

Codelicious curriculum includes many full-year courses that are virtual ready. Since Codelicious courses are customized to a teacher’s time on task, our curriculum is paced and scaffolded perfectly for your unique virtual summer school or camp.

Get Codelicious in Your (Virtual) Classroom!

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