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Instructional Designer

January 25, 2022

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Name: Poonam Gill
Title: Instructional Designer
Company: MISO

Advocate for women and girls in STEM. Explore the role of Instructional Designer with Poonam Gill of MISO. Learn more about Poonam’s leadership role within Girls Who Code, her studies for a masters degree in Learning Design and Technology, and how her degree directly applies to her current role.

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Introduction Transcription

Many women in engineering know how it feels to walk into a room and be the only woman there. In turn, they have paved the way to help other girls to see themselves in STEM roles.

Today, hear my conversation with an engineer on this mission. Poonam Gill is an Instructional Designer at MISO, a non-profit company who operates the energy grid in 15 states.

We did this interview in two parts. In part 1, Poonam talks about her leadership role within Girls Who Code and her studies for a masters degree in Learning Design and Technology. In part 2, hear more about Poonam’s career with MISO. Join me as we learn how Poonam found the confidence to advocate for women in STEM, how her engineering skills translate to her nonprofit work, and her advice for students who want to follow in her footsteps.

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