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Executive Director

January 25, 2022

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Name: Ryan Steuer
Title: Founder, Executive Director
Company: Magnify Learning

Find your why! Explore the role of Executive Director with Ryan Steuer of Magnify Learning. Learn more about how Ryan used his experience as a UPS engineer to help teachers across the country develop project-based learning programs for students.

Learn more about Magnify Learning: https://www.magnifylearningin.org/
Read Ryan’s book, Project Based Learning Stories and Structures: Wins, Fails, and Where to Start: https://www.amazon.com/Project-Based-Learning-Stories-Structures/dp/1986964264
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Introduction Transcription

Ever look at a box delivered by UPS? Every shipping label has a unique number to ensure your items are safely delivered to the right place. UPS Engineers are the professionals who create these processes.

Today, you’ll hear my conversation with a former UPS Engineer who decided to take what he learned working on projects there and share it with schools across the nation. Ryan Steuer is the Executive Director at Magnify Learning, a company that provides project-based learning professional development to teachers.

Ryan and his team at Magnify Learning have worked with countless teachers and students to empower them with what he calls “authentic learning experiences”. Join me as we hear about Ryan’s unlikely career journey, stories about his former students, and his advice for teachers interested in PBL.

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