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Product Designer

January 18, 2022
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Name: Lisa Sangiorgio
Title: Product Design Manager
Company: DeveloperTown

What does it take to make a website or app both beautiful and practical? Explore the role of Product Designer with Lisa Sangiorgio of DeveloperTown. Learn more about Lisa helps companies solve big problems with good design.

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Introduction Transcription

Think of all the websites and apps we use every day. Usually, we as the end users don’t even notice the work it takes to make a product both beautiful and practical. That’s the magic of a product designer.

Today, you’ll hear my conversation with someone who does this for a living. Lisa Sangiorgio was a Product Designer at DeveloperTown, a software consulting business that helps large companies create websites and apps. I do want to note that Lisa is now in a new position as the Director of Product Design at ClusterTruck. Congrats on the new role, Lisa!!

Product design is certainly a nuanced field. Join me as we learn more about Lisa’s creative process, the technology she uses on a daily basis, and her tips for staying curious as you progress through your career.

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