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Top 3 Ways You Can Use Computer Science as a Competitive Advantage

February 22, 2019

Top 3 Ways You Can Use Computer Science as a Competitive Advantage

Is your school considering implementing a computer science curriculum?

For an increasing number of schools across the United States, adding one or more computer science courses is going to be mandated by the state or local government. But that isn’t the only reason to add computer science.

Although it’s not something you may have considered, having a computer science curriculum in your school could be a HUGE competitive advantage for your students, your schools, and your community.

Let’s look at all of the ways computer science could up your ability to compete on each of these levels.

Advantages computer science creates for your STUDENTS

One of the most obvious advantages may be the benefit of your students developing and improving new skills that they can use to build upon for years to come. These skills will continue to open doors for their students, both with the problem solving and analytic skills they develop, and by the greater sense of confidence gained through learning new skills and overcoming challenges.

Advantages computer science creates for your SCHOOL

Your students aren’t the only beneficiaries of the new computer science curriculum… it’s also a significant benefit to your school. For one, as your students build new skills, and achieve new things, you’ll be building confidence in both them and their PARENTS. Preparing students for 21st-century workforce skills creates a sense of excitement, confidence, and of course, nothing will help your school attract greater enrollment like strong word-of-mouth marketing from your parents.

Advantages computer science creates for your COMMUNITY

Anything that’s beneficial to schools, students, and parents will be incredibly beneficial to your COMMUNITY. As your school builds a comprehensive computer science program, you’ll be developing talent in your classrooms—students and teachers alike. Building this pipeline of talent will help increase the skills base and create a distinct advantage for the workforce needs of your community.

If would like to learn more about the many competitive advantages of implementing a computer science program in your school, contact Codelicious today.

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