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2011 Strands, K-82022 Strands, K-82022 Substrands, K-8
Creativity and InnovationCreativity and InnovationInnovative Design Process
Emerging Technologies
Digital CitizenshipDigital CitizenshipSocial Interactions
Ethics and Laws
Privacy, Safety, and Security
Technology Operations and Concepts Practical Technology ConceptsPractical Technology ConceptsProcesses (Grades 3+)
Skills and Tools
Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision MakingComputational ThinkingFoundations
Research and Information FluencyData Literacy, Management, and RepresentationCollect Data
Organize, Manage, and Analyze Data (Grades 3+)
Communicate and Publish Results
(Grades 2+)
Communication and Collaboration(Strand no longer used)(Strand no longer used)

Ellipsis Education by Coder Kids, Inc. is a K-5 state-adopted Tech Apps curriculum. Learn more about our offering and take a look at sample materials on our Texas Technology Applications page.